Daniel Depaoli

Daniel Depaoli

Cloud and DevOps Engineer

Work Experience

Cloud and DevOps Engineer @ XPeppers

2016 - Present

Working for clients and follow them implementing and studing new cloud environment, assessment and improvment of existing ones, delivery and deployment of application with agile and DevOps methodology and approach.

  • Architecting in AWS environment
  • Automation with cloudformation and Ansible/Chef/Bash/Python
  • DevOps methodology and approach
  • Monitoring and maintenance of customer's infrastructure
  • Tools: AWS, ansible, chef, python, Linux, docker

  • Cloud Developer Engineer @ Create-Net

    2014 - 2016

    Working on OpenStack cloud environment for european projects

  • XiFi Project: development of a QoS plugin for Neutron-OpenStack.
  • Development of puppet script for OpenStack deployment
  • Development of Neutron plugins.
  • Administrator for custom OpenStack installation
  • Tools: OpenStack, Puppet, Python, Linux server, Heat, bash scripting

  • SDN developer @ Create-Net

    2013 - 2014

    Working on Alien Europen research project and on thesis

  • Alien Project: development of a distributed slicing OpenFlow software based on extensible OpenFlow datapath daemon (xdpd)
  • Tools: C++, Java, OpenFlow, Mininet, OpenFlow controller

  • System Administrator @ Disi, University of Trento


    Bachelor degree thesis. Maintenance of LAMP servers with StatusNet and development of a posting library

    Key Skills

    • Cloud Computing
    • AWS
    • Automation
    • DevOps Methodology
    • Ansible, Bash, Chef
    • Linux
    • Python
    • Networking
    • Git


    Professional examination


    Government exam as Information and Communication Engineer

    Master degree in Telecommunication Engineer

    2010 - 2013

    University of Trento

    Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineer

    2006 - 2010

    University of Trento



    Knowing and using main tools:

  • EC2, VPC, RDS, EBS, ELB, Autoscaling, ECS, Lambda, S3, Cloudfront, EFS, CodeCommit, Codedeploy, Codepipeline, Cloudwatch, Cloudformation, Cloudtrail, IAM
  • Complex architecture with cloudformation
  • Programming Languages

    Good knowledge of these provisioning languages:

  • Ansible, Bash scripting, Chef, Puppet, serverspec for testing
  • Good programming knowledge in:

  • Python
  • and also used in the past:

  • C/C++, Java, Javascript, PHP
  • System administrator

    My preferences are for Linux operating system:

  • Debian based, Centos, Red Hat
  • Apache, Nginx, ssh, nfs, ftp and other most used server application
  • I also have a base background of Microsoft Windows server:

  • IIS, Microsoft SQL
  • OpenStack

    Knowledge in deployment and configuration of all standard components

  • OpenStack system administrator
  • Ansible and Puppet (Fuel) configuration
  • Architecting on OpenStack cloud
  • Network/SDN

  • Ethernet, IPv4 and v6, VLANs, WiFi, DNS; basic knowledge of routing protocols;
  • OpenFlow and most related tools
  • Other tools

    For daily activities:

  • Agile methodology and approach
  • Git, Virtualbox, Vagrant, Agile methodology
  • More about me


  • Italian (native speaker)
  • English (B1 - Cambridge certificate (June 2010)). Professional working proficiency
  • Hobbies

  • I am an endurance sports enthusiast and I do run, road/mountain bike, cross country skiing and swim. I am also an amateur photographer, in particular I like street photography. I am good with Photoshop and Camera Raw.